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Dependant Students

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Education Queensland (the Queensland State Government Department of Education, Training and Employment) accepts applications for the enrolment of dependant children of international students studying in Queensland institutions of education and training. Acceptance of these children is permitted as a support to Queensland institutions that are enrolling international students. Applications should be submitted to Education Queensland International (EQI).

Within Queensland, children of compulsory school age must attend school. Compulsory school age presently begins at 6 years 6 months (Year 1) and continues until the completion of Year 10 (Please refer to the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006). Children who have turned 5 by 30 June of that year may be enrolled in Prep if their parents choose.

Dependant student applicants must reside in Queensland under the care and supervision of the principal student visa holder for the duration of their studies in a Queensland State School.

EQI issues dependant children with their own Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) Forms. The dependant children's CoE dates are identical to the dates indicated in their parent's CoE. Generally, the parents of dependant students are required to pay for the cost of their children’s education programs as outlined in the dependant fee schedule for the current year.

It is the responsibility of the parent to approach a school, either directly or through their educational institution, to arrange a place for their dependant child.

It is not necessary to start contacting schools in relation to enrolling children until the family has arrived in Australia and found permanent housing. Children can temporarily be enrolled as School Unconfirmed to obtain a CoE.

If the school is not known prior to arrival, Education Queensland International must be informed, within two weeks of the commencement date as stated on the Dependant Student's CoE, of the name of the school that the dependant will attend.

Please note that enrolments at selected schools may be restricted to residents within the school’s nominated geographical catchment area or according to the criteria of the Schools Enrolment Management or Eligibility Plan. Please contact individual schools for further information.

Early Start Dates or Late Finishes

In cases where the school term begins before or finishes after the course dates on the parent's CoE, dependant children are allowed to commence school earlier and/or finish school later subject to following conditions:

  1. The parents' and dependant children's visas are valid
  2. The parents are willing to pay the fees for additional study

Dependant Students who turn 18 years of age

Dependant children turning 18 years of age during their parent’s enrolment in a Queensland educational institution, may continue to be enrolled until the expiry of their dependant visa in order to study in a Queensland Government school. The expiry date of the dependant’s visa will be determined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).  If the student wishes to continue at high school after the expiry of the dependant visa, the family will need to apply to EQI to process the student’s own student visa or alternatively enrol with another education provider.

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Compulsory Requirements

Advice on the processes to be followed in obtaining student visas for the dependant children of overseas students may be obtained by contacting DIBP.

DIBP requires student visa holders to maintain adequate schooling arrangements for school-aged dependants who are on a student dependant visa and who are in Australia for more than three months. EQI will notify DIBP of breaches of the above condition. All dependant students are required to abide by Education Queensland's School regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations may lead to the cancellation of a dependant student's enrolment, in which case no refund of tuition fees will be made.

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Program Fees

The tuition fee that is charged for dependant children varies according to the level of schooling for which they will be enrolled. DET International will charge dependant tuition fees for children enrolled in Pre‐Preparatory learning Programs. Details for approved Pre‐Preparatory Learning Programs are available on the Early Childhood Education and Care website.

The weekly fees are as follows:

Dependant Student Program Fees
PROGRAM 2014 Weekly Fee
Pre-Preparatory AUD$229.00
Preparatory Year (Prep) AUD$229.00
Primary (Years 1 – 7) AUD$229.00
Junior Secondary (Years 8 – 9)
Junior Secondary (Year 10) AUD$247.00
Senior Secondary (Year 11) AUD$279.00
Senior Secondary (Year 12) AUD$295.00


  • Legislation allows EQI to move to cancel the enrolment of a dependant student when tuition fees have not been paid by the invoice due date.
  • International students who meet the approved Fee Exemption Criteria who wish to enrol their dependant child from Preparatory (Prep) Year to Year 12 of schooling will be exempt from paying dependant tuition fees. The exemption only applies for the duration of the main international student visa holder’s (parent) course of study in Queensland. The list of approved fee exempt scholarships are listed below:
  • A $220 non-refundable application fee (inclusive of GST) applies to all applications for study commencing in 2014.
  • A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will not be issued until fees and the relevant documentation have been received at Education Queensland International (EQI).
  • Fees are required to be paid for the current year of enrolment and thereafter one year in advance.
  • If the student fees are not paid in advance, the offer for dependant enrolment will automatically be withdrawn (after the Debt Management Process has been implemented).
  • If the family wishes to change the school of enrolment for dependant students, new application/s and an application fee will apply.
  • If there are changes to visa subclass, parent’s CoE, change of parent’s education provider, change of primary visa holder from one parent to another, new application/s and an application fee will apply. Parents are required to notify EQI in writing of any changes within 7 days of any such change.

The tuition fee covers:

  • Access to a Queensland Government school
  • All teaching costs
  • English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) support (if required)

The tuition fee does not cover:

  • The cost levied by the school to access the Information Technology (IT) Device used by the school and access to the School IT Infrastructure
  • Subject-related excursions
  • International and domestic travel
  • Library books and resources
  • Lunch at school
  • Musical instruments
  • Passport and visa application fees
  • Personal items and holiday travel
  • School activities that are not compulsory, such as optional excursions and performances
  • School camps
  • School formal
  • School uniforms
  • Special events
  • Stationery items
  • Student Identification Card
  • Student Organiser (if compulsory)
  • Subject levies
  • Textbook purchase and/or hire
  • Yearbook

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EAL/D Support

  • Dependant children are not entitled to enrolment at designated migrant reception centres unless referred by a local school.
  • Access to in school or in class support from English as an Additional Language (EAL/D) staff is determined by the Education Queensland Regional Director responsible for each school by location. If EAL/D support is required the school will make arrangements with the Regional Office to deliver this service.
  • This service if required is included in the tuition fee.

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Dependant Application Process

  1. Parent obtains CoE from their education institution.
  2. Institution and/or parent completes the relevant application form:
    Dependant Student Application Form (PDF, 596 KB)
  3. The form is forwarded to EQI with the following documentation:
    • Copy of Parent's Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) with start and end dates visible.
    • Full name, date and place of birth, and citizenship of dependant child for whom CoE is requested.
    • A copy of the photo/title page of the dependant child's passport and parent/s passport/s.
    • A copy of the DIBP visa grant letter or visa label (if available).
    • Location of DIBP office where visa application is being lodged.
    • Full contact details of parents (e.g. email address, phone number, international and local address, if known).
    • Full contact details of parent's education institution (e.g. contact person, email address, phone and fax number).
    • School and year level/s the child/children will be attending (if known). It is the responsibility of the parent to approach a school directly after arrival in Queensland or through their educational institution regarding the child's enrolment. A School Acceptance Letter may be provided and should be included with your application.
    • EQI states on the child's CoE that applicant must provide evidence of payment of OSHC to DIBP.
    • Proof that the parent holds a scholarship (if applicable). This document must include the category/name of the scholarship and be signed by an appropriate, accountable officer of the Institution. EQI will confirm if the dependant student meets the conditions for tuition fee exemption for study in a Queensland Government school.
    • Payment of the application fee.
  4. EQI processes application and sends an invoice for tuition fees to the family (if applicable).
  5. Family makes payment to EQI.
  6. EQI issues receipt, CoE and a School Notification Form to the applicant (i.e. institution and/or parent).
  7. EQI sends a School Confirmation Authority to Enrol plus CoE to school (if known).

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Enrolment Process for Dependant Students

  1. On arrival in Queensland the parent makes an appointment with the selected school. The following paperwork is required at the interview:
    • Student's CoE
    • Dependant Student School Notification Form
    • Parent's passport
    • Student's passport
    • Visas (in passport or eVisa grant documentation from DIBP)
    • Proof of address
  2. School enrols student, providing all documentation is provided. A student may not be enrolled without a CoE.
  3. Parents must advise school and EQI of any changes to enrolment details, change of school, visa status or expiry date and any contact details within 7 days of any change.

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Dependant Application Process for Institutions

Institutions are encouraged to seek CoEs as early as possible for all the dependant children of their international students, whether they are liable for fees or in an exempt category. EQI will complete and issue CoE Forms to acknowledge the exempt status on the form as appropriate. If an institution sends dependant applications to EQI, the CoEs are forwarded to the institution seeking them. They are not sent to the family of a student (unless requested).

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Conditions of Exemption for Dependant Students

Please refer to the attached documents which outline Dependant Student Fee Exemption Criteria for school aged dependants of international students.

Forms for Dependant Students

  1. Dependant Student Application Form 2014 (PDF, 596 KB)
  2. Fee exemption conditions for Dependant Students (PDF, 150 KB)

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Dependant Student Terms and Conditions

  • It is a Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requirement that a parent must maintain adequate schooling arrangements for school-aged dependants on a Student Dependant visa residing for more than 3 months in Australia.
  • If you wish to remove your child from school for any period of time, (eg holidays or return overseas during the school term), you are required to notify Education Queensland International (EQI) and the school in writing, giving one term’s advance notice. If one term’s notice is given fees may be transferred towards future tuition fees however, this will be assessed on a case by case basis. If one term’s notice is not given, fees will not be transferred, the current application will be cancelled and DIBP will be notified. A new Dependant Student Application Form will need to be completed and new application fees will be charged prior to students re-attending a Queensland Government School.
  • If a ‘School Acceptance Letter’ is not provided at time of application, parents are required to provide written confirmation to EQI of the school their children are attending, within two (2) weeks of commencement at the school.
  • Applicants must contact schools directly to enrol students as soon as possible after arrival in Queensland. Please note you are not automatically guaranteed enrolment at your nominated school. Enrolment at selected schools is dependant on factors including if the school has an Enrolment Management Plan or Enrolment Eligibility Plan. Enrolment is subject to eligibility under the plan and may include factors such as living within the geographical catchment area.
  • If the family wishes to change the school of enrolment for dependant students, new application/s and an application fee will apply.
  • If there are changes to visa subclass, parent’s CoE, change of enrolment dates, change of parent’s education provider, change of primary visa holder from one parent to another, new application/s and an application fee will apply.
  • All students are required to abide by the Queensland Department of Education’s School regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations may lead to the cancellation of a student’s enrolment, in which case no refund of tuition fees will be made.
  • The terms and conditions of the attached policies override any previous terms and conditions.  These policies are subject to change and changes are ongoing.  Please contact EQI to confirm the policy in place.

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Payment Policy

  • Tuition fees provide access to a Queensland Government school and all compulsory tuition, including English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) support, if the student is assessed as requiring this service.
  • Tuition fees DO NOT include text books, subject levies, school uniforms, materials (e.g. pens, calculators and similar items), excursion costs and non-compulsory activities.
  • Tuition fees are required to be paid for the initial academic year or the portion of the first year for which the student is enrolled and thereafter one year in advance.
  • Present published tuition fees will apply until 31 December of the relevant year of application and are subject to change after this date.
  • All fees must be paid in Australian dollars.
  • If tuition fees are not paid the offer of enrolment will automatically be withdrawn.
  • For continuing students, if tuition fees are not paid by the due date stated on the invoice, EQI may, (a) initiate the cancellation of a students enrolment, (b) forward the student /parents personal details to the Department of Education, Training and Employment's authorised debt collection agency for further action, and (c) inform the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)*.
  • Any legal or other costs incurred in securing payment are the responsibility of the applicant nominated on the application form and are recoverable at law.

* For more information please see the attached fact sheet available in English (PDF, 25 KB), Arabic (PDF, 247 KB), Indonesian (PDF, 19 KB), Korean (PDF, 101 KB), and Vietnamese (PDF, 235 KB)

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Refund Policy

  • EQI will refund paid tuition fees in full if the parent’s visa application is rejected. A copy of the refusal letter from the Embassy or High Commission must be produced as evidence.
  • Parents of dependant students wishing to withdraw from an EQI program are required to give notice in writing to EQI at least four weeks in advance.
  • If this required notice is given, students will receive a refund of remaining tuition fees less a $400 administration fee.
  • If four week's notice is not given, EQI will retain two week's tuition fee and a $400 administration fee in lieu of notice.
  • All requests for refunds must be in writing, signed by the parents and, if applicable, must set out any compassionate or compelling grounds that the parents wish to draw to EQI’s attention.
  • Dependant students who are granted a non-fee paying visa or permanent residency status while in Australia will be refunded any unused weekly tuition fees paid in advance from the date of visa grant or from the date permanent residency status is granted.
  • Tuition fees will not be transferred to other educational institutions except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of EQI.

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Complaints and Appeals Policy

  • If a student has a complaint in relation to their education program, they must bring it to the attention of their class teacher. 
  • If the problem is not resolved, the school principal should be informed either in person or in writing.  The principal will endeavour to resolve the issue.
  • If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student or parent, a copy of the written complaint together with the reasons for the dissatisfaction may be forwarded to the local Regional Office of Education Queensland. For more details please refer to the Education Queensland website (PDF, 67 KB).

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Privacy Policy

  • In this clause, “personal information” means information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about the student, or from which the student’s identity can reasonably be ascertained. Personal information includes personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and the circumstance of any suspected breach by the student of a student visa condition.
  • The parent and/or the student consent to EQI collecting, using and disclosing the student’s and parent’s personal information for the following purposes:
    1. administering and managing the Program, including reporting and exchanging information generally within the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (of which EQI is part) and any other relevant Queensland State agency;
    2. administering and managing the student’s enrolment in the program and in a school and the provision of education and support services to the student;
    3. opening a Learning Unique Identifier (LUI) registration with the Queensland Studies Authority;
    4. referral to the Department of Education, Training and Employment’s external debt collection agency or lawyers for the recovery of outstanding fees payable to EQI;
    5. liaising with the student’s parents or the student’s authorised agent;
    6. liaising with the parent or another authorised person under the Migration Relations with whom the student resides about the student’s living arrangements;
    7. liaising with, providing information to and receiving information from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in relation to the student’s compliance with all applicable migration laws and visa regulations and conditions;
    8. liaising with, providing information to and receiving information from the Australian Department of Education (DOE) in relation to the program;
    9. managing, investigation of and responding to complaints and appeals;
    10. liaising with the parent's scholarship provider/sponsor and/or administrator in relation to administering and managing the student's enrolment in the program;
    11. collection of outstanding fees in consultation with the student visa holder’s scholarship/sponsorship provider and/or administrator;
    12. any other purpose reasonably incidental to any of these purposes; or
    13. where authorised or required by law.

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